Three Examples of Professional Landscape Design for Businesses


If your business has any kind of outdoor space, you have probably wondered how best to make the most of this fantastic asset. The answer? Plants! The right kind of commercial landscaping and plant selection can bring customers in, enhance your brand, create an atmosphere, and increase the happiness of everyone who visits your premises.

That’s where professional landscape design comes in. In this post, we will walk you through the benefits of commercial landscaping and our approach at Cambridge with three examples of effective commercial landscaping design worth considering for your space.

How Cambridge Approaches Landscape Design for Businesses

When approaching landscape design for a new client, we begin by meticulously assessing the space to determine the best options for beautification.

Every space is different and offers a variety of potential opportunities for landscaping design. The size of the space, the location, and the type of business all play a role in determining the most appropriate plant and landscaping choices. This means that there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

By understanding your space and your business, we can come up with a concept and design that is perfectly tailored to your needs.


Why Is Professional Landscape Design Important for Businesses?

Professional landscape design, when done right, offers an array of enticing advantages for businesses of all kinds.

A Lasting Impression

An aesthetically pleasing environment has the power to leave a lasting impression. Incorporating beautiful, seasonal plantings in your space can create a positive experience, signaling to visitors that your business cares about its appearance and pays attention to detail.

Branding and Image

With appropriate planting choices, your business can reflect its brand identity and values through landscaping. Thoughtfully designed and well-maintained entrance plantings can enhance the overall perception of the business by highlighting an investment in creating a positive environment for your visitors and stakeholders.

Attracting Attention

Eye-catching displays can help to draw attention to your business, particularly in high-traffic areas where you may be competing with many other local businesses for attention.

Passersby may be more inclined to notice and remember a beautiful and impactful display.

Creating a Welcoming Atmosphere

Beautiful plantings can create a welcoming atmosphere for clients, customers, and employees alike, making your business a joy to visit. Plants add color and texture to your space, enhancing its appeal.

Example 1: Seasonal Entrance Plantings

Introducing seasonal rotations of plants to the entrance of your space allows it to “pop” and creates a welcoming environment for tenants, employees, residents, and anyone else who spends time there.

Spring, summer, fall and even winter seasonal decor creates a memorable first impression.

Keeping up with the plantings with consistent, detailed maintenance is key to make this impact constant.

Example 2: Seasonal Tree Pit Plantings 

Tree pits are a great opportunity to highlight your property. Simple details like seasonal color, topped with mulch and a beautiful pristine tree guard, help to not only elevate the property but keep it aesthetically pleasing even in high-traffic areas.


Example 3: Exterior Planters 

If your space does not have any existing landscaping infrastructure to support traditional plantings (such as in the case of a landscaped rooftop space), you can make use of exterior planters.

Exterior planters come in a variety of shapes, colors, materials, and sizes. At Cambridge, we work with our manufacturers to ensure you receive the best quality planters on the market for your needs. When incorporating exterior planters, we assess the space to ensure the planters complement it and then create a proposed layout for planter placement that suits your needs. This solution is a great way to make your space a truly unique experience.

Get Started Today With Professional Landscape Design for Your Business 

At Cambridge, we are highly skilled in working with a wide range of commercial spaces and using professional landscaping design to create lush and vibrant environments.

No matter the type or size of your commercial space, there is sure to be a landscaping design option to suit you.

For more information on any of our landscaping services or to get started, please contact us today and speak to a member of the team about your needs.

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