Three Business Landscaping Ideas You May Not Have Thought Of

Quality landscaping can also increase the property’s value, which benefits business owners who own their buildings. The right landscaping can make a property more attractive to tenants, facilitating faster sales or leases at more favorable prices.

When used strategically, landscaping can have practical and decorative potential. For example, thoughtfully placed trees and shrubs can provide shade, reducing the need for air conditioning in the summer and acting as windbreaks in the winter.

Landscaping can have environmental and sustainability benefits, too. Incorporating native plants and utilizing sustainable landscaping practices can reduce water usage and promote local biodiversity, while incorporating pollinator plants can help to aid the reproduction of essential plants, including food crops.

Three Business Landscaping Ideas to Inspire You

Every place of business has its own unique space and layout. Some spaces can allow for the creation of focal highlights throughout, while others offer the opportunity to completely transform them into garden oases.

In this section, we will examine three landscaping ideas that you might not have considered. Perhaps one of them could be the exact finishing touch your business premises need.

Preserved Moss Wall

Bring the outdoors indoors with a preserved moss wall, which uses real moss to create a virtually maintenance-free alternative to the popular “green wall” or “living wall” trend. Preserved moss is less susceptible to pests and diseases, ensuring a consistently attractive display. An eye-catching preserved moss wall adds a natural element to your space and creates a pleasing focal point.

A moss wall can subtly convey a sense of green consciousness, which can be particularly beneficial for businesses with branding aligned with sustainability.

It can also provide opportunities for customer engagement. For example, your customers could use your moss wall as a photo backdrop and share their snaps on social media with a dedicated hashtag, helping to garner online visibility for your business.

Preserved moss walls have practical benefits, too. They can absorb sound, reducing ambient noise and creating a quieter, more pleasant atmosphere.

Interior Seasonal Garden

Rotating seasonal plants in your space can create a dynamic and ever-changing visual environment, keeping the space fresh and engaging with something different for visitors to see each time they return.

If you have the space available, an interior garden can be installed with a seasonal plant rotation.

Seasonal gardens can align with holidays and special events, enhancing the festive atmosphere and making your business more inviting.

An interior seasonal garden adds beauty and visual interest to your space, helps you stand out from competitors, and improves the overall customer or visitor experience. It can also be a great way to use otherwise underutilized spaces such as corners, entryways, or atria.

Self-Watering Planters

A potential issue with plant maintenance is the lack of time or dedicated staff to perform this duty. If this sounds familiar, self-watering planters—which provide a consistent water supply to your seasonal plant rotation—could be the answer.

Suitable for various flowering plants, self-watering planters typically need to be filled with water only around once a week, saving on water and maintenance costs.

These planters improve the lifespan of plants due to the consistency in water availability. Healthier plants with longer lifespans mean fewer replacements, leading to cost savings on new plants as well as environmental benefits. Healthier plants also require fewer fertilizers and pesticides, promoting a more eco-friendly environment. In addition, self-watering planters’ efficient use of water reduces waste and contributes to more sustainable water-use practices.

Attractive planters can be placed strategically throughout a space to fill it and create visual focal points.

Inspired? Contact Cambridge Today to Get Started

No matter the space you have available or your vision for your business, the team at Cambridge can help you design the perfect landscaping for your needs and then bring that concept to life. We operate throughout New York City and the tristate area and have worked with businesses across various industries.

If you would like to learn more or are ready to start creating your dream business landscaping project, contact us today to start the conversation with one of our talented and passionate designers.

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